Update late 2019 05 04

Here is Mozillas official statement on the addons glitch:


Click here to download the statement in PDF format if you don't wish to go to Mozillas website:



2019 05 04


Today we were greated with Firefox have disabled all our addons.

No matter what you do to update or re-install your addons will solve the bug, or glitch. It's a code build error in Firefox.

If we do a simple Google search we find that this news have been covered by many sites.



Most of them do not offer a solution or work-around. And some even suggest installing Firefox nighly builds, which is totally unneccesary.


Here is how you enable your addons temporarily until Mozilla fixes Firefox:

Type this into your Firefox address bar:


... and press Enter.

Now you will see a list of disabled addons:


Here I am showing just one of the addons disabled. But before I started ALL my addons were disabled, or restricted as Firefox calls it.


Now type this into your Firefox address bar:


... and press Enter.

Now you will se something like this, but without the addons enabled:



Click the circled button:

Load Temporary Add-on

Now navigate to:



Now select the first XPI addon in curly brackets, and click open.

You have to do this for every addon that you wish to re-enable.

The ones that looks like a email address is usually the confirm page you normally get once you installed a addon. You can if you wish to go trough these. Some addons even require you to select them.


That's it!

Now enjoy your ordinary Firefox until Mozilla fixes this glitch/bug. =)


/Kim H. aka KaxLon.